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Pricing and Insurance

Currently, Bridge Dermatology only provides self-pay options for consultations.  However, in many cases, your insurance can still be used to obtain covered prescriptions and lab tests that are prescribed from the consultation. 


Bridge Dermatology and our partner, Miiskin, are working on some big innovations in 2024 to transform how dermatology care is delivered.  Before we implement those changes, we are currently offering an introductory rate of $59 per consult.  This includes a full evaluation of your condition, a recommended treatment plan, and a 2 week follow-up period to ask any questions that may come up.  This does not include the cost of medications or lab tests.  However, you are never obligated to obtain any recommended medications or lab tests, so you will not be charged an additional fee unless you decide to pick up those prescriptions or have those labs drawn.  


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Questions about Pricing and Insurance?

If you have questions about pricing and insurance, contact us at

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