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Tips to Maximize Your Results

We want you to get the most out of your consult.  Review these tips so that we can provide you the best possible service.  

Use the back camera, when possible

The most important part of your consult is the pictures.  Good lighting and sharp focus is key.  Both the back and front camera on your phone can work, but the back camera usually provides much better clarity and resolution.  If you feel comfortable, have a family member or friend take the pictures for you using the back camera. This will help us maximize the results.  However, don't worry if you must use your front camera to obtain pictures.  They are often adequate, and we will always let you know if the photos you provide limit our ability to provide you with a diagnosis and treatment plan.


Take lots of pictures

It never hurts to send as many pictures as the app allows.  Seeing as much of your skin as possible helps the provider get the best sense of what is going on.  Taking pictures from far away and close up can be helpful.  Sometimes, even taking pictures of areas of skin that aren't involved can be helpful for context.  Our current version of the Miiskin app has some limitations with how many pictures can be submitted, but this will be updated soon.  If you need or want to send more pictures, just let us know in the messaging portion of the app when your consult has begun and we will inform you of the current workaround until our new app version is released. 


Focus and lighting

Use a well-lit area like a room with lots of windows or a bathroom with bright lights.  Try to avoid standing next to a light source that will cause a harsh shadow.  If the picture looks blurry, try moving it a little further away, or have a friend or relative you trust help you take the picture. 


Ok for sensitive areas

Of course, don't take any pictures of anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  But, we are happy to help with even the most sensitive and personal of problems.  We value your privacy immensely, and our service and the pictures you take are completely secure. 

Questions about how to maximize your consult?

If you have questions about how to get the most out of your, contact us at

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