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Our Provider

Currently, Bridge Dermatology is a boutique practice owned and operated by Dr. Ryan M. Trowbridge.  Learn more about him below! 

Dr. Ryan M. Trowbridge, MD, MS, MA, FAAD

Dr. Ryan M. Trowbridge, MD, MS, MA, FAAD

I am a board certified dermatologist in both general dermatology and micrographic dermatologic surgery. I was born and raised in Connecticut and spent the first 25 years of my life there. I completed my undergraduate training at Yale University, my post-baccalaureate training at Fairfield University, a Masters degree at Boston University, my medical degree and an additional Masters degree at Creighton University, and finally completed my dermatology residency training at Harvard University from 2014-2018.

I started Bridge Dermatology largely out of frustration with how dermatology is typically practiced: long waits, quick visits, and little communication.  My mission is to provide a new standard for the delivery of dermatologic care by providing convenient, comprehensive, and technologically advanced skincare.

As a doctor, my approach to the practice of medicine is to be evidence-based but open-minded. I acknowledge that we don’t know everything, and that even things we think we know now may one day prove to be incorrect. The best we can do is to evaluate the body of knowledge that exists and make the best decision given the information available.

However, that is becoming harder and harder to do. The sheer volume of information available to the average person is undigestible on his or her own. Furthermore, identifying what is fact and what is fiction, especially with the power of social media to contend with, is a daunting task. It is, frankly, sometimes hard to know who and what to believe. My hope is that with Bridge Dermatology I will be able to deliver, at the very least, honesty and transparency to the process of managing your skin issues.

During my dermatology residency I was heavily involved in medical photography. What I came to realize is that I could often times discern more from a quality photograph of a skin issue than I could with the naked eye. I was also bothered by patients dealing with long waits to get into a dermatologist, sometimes receiving numerous ineffective treatments, potentially incurring side effects, all for something that could have been addressed in a few minutes had someone been able to send a good picture.

After residency, I practiced dermatology in a traditional setting and continued to experience many of the same as well as other frustrations with how our patients experience dermatologic care. But when I met the founders of Miiskin in 2021, I began to envision a better way of practicing dermatology.  Bridge Dermatology is where we will realize that vision and bring our patients the experience they deserve!

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